Getting Your House Ready for a Hurricane - Avoid Storm Damages

Water damage, flooding and structural destruction are the usual incidents for a post-hurricane environment. However, there are some important steps you can execute in order to avoid these scenarios and any excessive storm damage repairs. It's important to do anything you can to defend your property from a hurricane and to keep your loved ones and your neighbors protected. Below is a list of practices to keep in mind when safeguarding your residence against Mother Nature.

Hurricane Prevention Checklist

  • Garage Door – To avoid any major storm damage restorations, your garage door should be one of the first things to check for. Most of the garage doors in residential neighborhoods aren't installed to combat hurricane conditions, so it's critical to buy a support kit. By bracing your garage door, you'll prevent the winds that cause a positive push in your space. This is crucial because the winds outside will create a negative pull above your garage. When this occurs, you'll get a tug-of-war scenario which puts a lot of stress on your roof and garage. Supporting your garage door with braces is the most effective way to prevent excessive damage. However, if don't have the time to install the garage door kit, you can use your car to brace your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Water damage is one of the most common hardships tied to hurricanes, and when your doors and windows aren't safeguarded this will allow the storm to move in your home. Before the storm hits, make sure your shutters are durable and in a working condition. The latches should be strong and it may be necessary to install locks on them. If you don't have shutters for your windows, then you can cover them up with some OSB. One wrong idea that's passed around for window preparation is that you can tape up the window; but this won't help at all. Also, ensure your doors are in good condition and that the deadbolts are working right. You can also install braces on your doors for added measure.
  • Roof – Your roof acts as a number one defense against Mother Nature, and that's why it's important to make sure it's prepared for hurricane season. Search for any out of place shingles and fix them with the proper roofing material, such as roofing cement. You'll also want suitable irrigation for the strong rains, so clean out your gutters so the water doesn't accumulate on your roof. You can then locate any wires that are going into your home and seal off any exposed gaps to prevent water damage from happening. At last, figure out whether it's imperative to fasten your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – The outside of your property can be a number one threat when a hurricane comes through. Items that aren't weighed down or fastened to the ground could be lifted from the extreme wind and be launched into your house and your neighbor's as well. Walk around your property and relocate any patio furniture, BBQs, garden accessories and children's toys to an area safe from the storm. One other thing you'll want to do is trim back any dangling or dead limbs from your trees and shrubs.
  • Car – When you're caught up in protecting your home from a hurricane, it's easy to forget about your vehicle. Ensure that your car is filled with gas, that your tires are in good condition, the windows are sealed and that your windshield wipers are good. If you have to park on the street, you'll want to make sure that you're not parked under trees or in an area that is vulnerable to floods.

Get Hurricane Damage Restoration Services for Your Property with Paul Davis

Even with all the precautions you take in securing your residence, there is only so much you can do. If your property succumbs to damage generated from a hurricane, reach out to the experts at Paul Davis. We can restore your home back to normal with our storm damage repair and remediation services. We also work with a variety of home insurers and we can offer guidance and help you verify if your damage is covered. Get in touch with us today at (506)830-7285 to locate a franchise near you.