Roofing Damage

Environmental devastation can wreak havoc on your property, especially the roof. During extreme weather conditions, your roof is often the most vulnerable to damage. Your roof is necessary for insulation and environmental protection,  so it’s important for your personal comfort and safety to make sure any damage to your roof is repaired as quickly as possible.

At Paul Davis Greater Moncton, we recognize how devastating roofing damage can be. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive roofing restoration services in the Greater Moncton area. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can have your roof restored as quickly and efficiently as possible, so whether your property has suffered from extreme winds, flooding, fallen trees, or fire, Paul Davis can ensure that you get the expert repairs you need.

Roofing Damage Do’s and Don’ts

If your roof has been damaged recently, do:

  • Call your insurance company immediately
  • Call Paul Davis immediately to assess the damage
  • Remove all furniture and valuables from any indoor areas of your house that are affected by the damage.
  • Avoid all indoor areas of your house affected by the roofing damage.


  • Attempt to fix the damage yourself.
  • Remove any tree branches or debris that may have fallen on your roof.
  • Touch any power lines or electrical wires that may have fallen on your roof.

Detailed Roofing Services

At Paul Davis, we begin every restoration job with a detailed inspection of the damaged property. Using the information collected from this assessment, our team of professionals design a restoration plan that caters to the specific needs of your property. Many of the other restoration companies in Greater Moncton provide quick-fix solutions that don’t tackle the root of the issue. At Paul Davis, we are dedicated to repairing your property damage and strengthening your home or business to prevent damage in the future.

Paul Davis is prepared to treat minor roofing issues such as aesthetic damage as well as more serious issues such as leaks and insulation issues. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete roofing overhaul, you can depend on the restoration experts at Paul Davis to provide the thorough roofing services you need. If you’ve experienced roofing issues in the Greater Moncton area, contact us today to have your home restored as quickly and efficiently as possible.