Can Smoke Damage in the Home Affect Your Health?

Home fires are unsafe for you, your loved ones and your house. They can require the need of fire damage restoration at first, but even when the flames are gone, you're left with another hazardous thing: smoke damage. No matter the size of the fire, big or small, smoke has the ability to affect your whole property. The odor from smoke can penetrate the house by getting in vents, walls and other hard-to-reach places, and it can affect your personal belongings. The smoke soot left from the fire can also lead to damage to your property. As a fire damage restoration company, Paul Davis knows how disastrous a fire can be and how harmful smoke damage is to you and your property. You may not think about it, but the smoke that remains can be detrimental to everyone in your residence and bring about health complications. If your house has a fire, it isn't safe to remain in your house, and it's important to get an expert to come to your house for remediation. Our fire damage restoration services will make sure the smoke and soot in your property is cleared away and that your house is in a secure, livable condition again.

How Smoke Pollution Impacts Your Health

What kinds of things remain in your home from smoke damage? To begin with, tar is a byproduct of smoke, and we've been informed that breathing in tar can lead to serious damage to our lungs. One thing you really need to watch out for is carbon monoxide. Even if all the smoke pollution is cleared, carbon monoxide can still remain. The hazardous gas is tasteless, invisible and odorless, and if inhaled, it can block oxygen from getting to your heart and brain. A professional at Paul Davis can come by your property after a house fire and analyze your carbon monoxide levels for your safety. Along with carbon monoxide, tar and other particles, the health issues that can unfold from smoke pollution are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your lungs and sinuses could be affected negatively, making breathing troublesome, if your property hasn't had smoke pollution removed of correctly. Even if your residence is free from smoke, small particles from the fire and smoke could still remain in your carpets and furniture. If this is the situation, then you're at risk of breathing in the residue which can proceed to medical attention later on.
  • Skin Damage – Serious skin irritation that can't be treated from lotion can be caused from smoke residue and soot, which could require medical attention. Since smoke has the ability to get into clothing and furniture, there could be particles remaining that irritate the skin.
  • Eye Irritation – Red, itchy, watery eyes are a common complication stemmed from smoke particles remaining in your house. If the issue isn't addressed, not only will your eyes be aggravated, but more damage could be done to them.

Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Pollution Eradication

No matter how big or small the fire is, smoke pollution can invade your property. It isn't safe to live in your residence if there is smoke pollution. To prevent further harm to your health and your home, the expert team at Paul Davis is here to help. As fire damage restoration experts, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke pollution. To get assistance from a local franchise, give us a call at (506)830-7285 today.